Kalori Capital Partners, specialises in strategy development, equity market activities, and transactional assistance. We are most active in the telecommunications, health technology, and ICT software sectors, and operate under a delegated wholesale dealers Australian Financial Services License.

We are known for our investments in Brasserie Bread, HostWorks, Health Communications Network, and Body Online. Other investments include super-capacitor company Cap-XX, packaging robotics company Unique Solutions, telecommunications companies Digitran (Netmoves), T3 Communications, and Mobile Innovations. We have assisted with IPOs on the ASX, NASDAQ, and London AIM exchange.

Kalori Consulting Partners, specialises in strategy, investment business cases, project implementation planning, procurement, and operational delivery of large complex projects. We are aligned with Evans & Peck, infrastructure advisors with offices in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth and Hong Kong.

We are most active in wireless networks, fibre optics, back-haul telecommunications projects, and the cross over into civil works. Typical clients are telco carriers, property developers, rail, roads, airports and Govt departments.

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