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Health Communications Network Health
Communications Network 

HCN was only a $1m revenue company in 1998 when Kalori invested. They had won
a contract from the NSW State Government and needed capital and expertise to
expand its services mix. Over the next two years the company acquired several
similar medical software companies, and listed on the ASX in December 1999 (ASX:HCN).
The business continued to expand, and survived the dot-com implosion on the strength
of a fundamentally solid business model. In January 2005, Primary Health Care
acquired the HCN for $125 million.
Cap-XX Cap-XX
CAP-XX produces Supercapacitors, high-power high-energy storage devices
that enable manufacturers to make smaller, thinner and longer-running products
such as mobile phones, PDAs, medical devices, AMRs, compact flash cards, and
more. Cap-XX was founded in 1997, to commercialize super capacitor technology
and developed with the assistance of CSIRO. CEO & Founder Anthony Kongats
sought seed capital in 2000 when Kalori invested. In April 2006, the business
listed on the London Stock Exchange AIM market, raising $42 million and on debut
had a market cap of $130 million (LSE:CPX).
Unique Solutions Inc Unique
Solutions Inc
Unique designs and builds robotic production
line equipment for the global food industry. These
high speed performance equipment enables promotional
programs to be inserted inside high speed production
environments up to 1,200 units per minute and with
the required accuracy to permit product “flagging” on
the outside of a package to announce the promotional
piece inside. This enables customers to differentiate
product on the shelves of the shopping isle. The business
is the recognised global leader in its sector.
Body Online (3D Clinic) Body
Online (3D Clinic) 
BodyOnline was founded to animate and educate patients and medical practitioners
about the myriad of medical conditions, and the treatment options available.
Kalori invested to provide growth capital for this promising business on the
strength of major global contracts. This library of visual and reference material
allows Doctors to have intelligent discussions with patients, and visually illustrates
the effects of drugs or surgical procedures to assist with informed decision
making and patient consent.
Hostworks Hostworks
Hostworks is a market leader in sophisticated web
hosting environments for major corporates with demanding,
high volume time sensitive applications such as banking,
reservations systems, ticketing, news, television events
and breaking developments. This business listed on the
ASX in 2000 (ASX: HWG), is growing strongly reflecting
the attraction of hosted solutions, and has now reached
profitability and sustained cash flows with dividends.
MUL MUL     
MultiEmedia has multiple divisions, with AirWorks
providing in-store advertising for Woolworth’s
foods through Australia, and satellite delivered services
via its New Skies Satellite division across much of Asia & Middle
East to mining, resources and rural communities. Both
of these businesses are growing strongly, and MUL is
expected to have sustained profitability in 2006 and
forward. MUL has been publicly traded since 2000 (ASX:MUL),
and has undergone multiple restructurings since.
Roberts Weaver Group Roberts
Weaver Group
Roberts Weaver Group provides integrated
project and change management, interior design and
IT expertise
to clients who are moving, developing or reshaping
their workplaces. As leaders in the provision of workplace
, RWG help its clients design innovative
new business environments that stimulate and enhance
productivity, control risk and optimise return on investment.
T3 Communications T3
Founded in 2002 by Carlos Perez, T3 grew organically
to $20 million in annual revenues by 2005 on the strength
of its innovative telecommunications offerings, responsive
customer service and value proposition. The merging
of voice and data markets worldwide led to the acquisition
of T3 by Pacific Internet in October 2005.
NICTA NICTA                                  
NICTA was formed by the Federal Government’s
Department of Communications, Information Technology
and the Arts and the Australian Research Council. NICTA’s
consortium partners are the ACT Government, the NSW Government,
University of NSW, and Australian National University.
A national laboratory has emerged from this powerful
union based on the foundations of research, commercialisation, education,
and collaboration.
With a focus on use–inspired basic research,
NICTA attracts, develops, and commercialises ICT R&D
for Australian industry, with successes in mobile device
operating systems, wireless networking, satellite systems
and many more areas.

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